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DAVID J. HOWELLS, GLam ARCHITECT & SURVEYOR, ; To the President of the Apart tors e eo bow Toronto University, Toronto, canada. pear sir,

Acting on behalf of, and requested by a large circle of friends and admirers of the Rev, Henry D.Clement, Mis Bac,(Ord), G & LeT.S.C., L. Mis V.C.M (London), &c, the esteemed Pastor of the Tabernacle Baptist Church of this town for over eighteen years, and an eminent Masician in every department of the faculty; to write you in quest of the conditions under which your renowned University grants the dehree of Mus Doc, ad honoris tantwn; As we feel the reverened gentleman deserves for several valid reasons to be decorated, and elevated to an University Doctorate in Misic.

I shall be exceedingly grateful for a reply to this effect, thanking you most cordially in anticipation,

I remain,

yours very faithfully,

P.s. Any information can be readily sunplied and substantiated by

most influential and responsible Citizens of our town.


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PRESIDENT’S OFFICE - CABLE ADDRESS: “VERA” Cope A.B.C. (5TH Eb.) EDMONTON Pebruary 19th, 1915. Personal

President R. A. Falconer, University of Toronto,

Toronto, Ont.

My dear Dr. Falconer;

I was sorry to miss seeing you when in Toronto, but you were out on the grand tour of the United States.

I am writing you to know whether your University would not confer, this Spring, the degree of LL.D. on our Chancellor, Judge Stuart. He has been elected Chancellor for the third time and I propose to bring his name forward for the LL.D. degree at the May Convocation here, unless you take action. I know he would much prefer taking the degree from his own University and would regard it as a very great honour. We would also regard it as such. He has been our Chancellor so long and has served us so faithfully that we have come to regard him as one of ourselves.

I would be glad to get an early reply,



as fairly prompt action is necessary to bring the ma

to pass this Spring.

Sincerely yours


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HIGH COURT DIVISION. (Sir William Mulock)


March 29th,1915, My dear Mr,President

I have a letter from a member of the Senste asking my Opinion in regard to its comferring the honorary degree of LL.D. upon John King, and I have replied expressing the view that he is well deserving of the honour. Apparently the matter is now engaging the attention of yourself and others of the University Senate and I therefore take the liberty of writing you.

Mr. King has devoted many years unselfishly to the interests of the University. Throughout the whole of this period he has enjoyed a large measure of the confidence of the graduates. He has during his Professional ca#reer found time to publish valuable works on legal ‘subjects, whilst his last book, that dealing with the careers of "Professors McCaul, Croft and Forneri” strongly appeals to the affection and imagination of the Toronto University Senate.

He is now advanced in years, losing his sight, and it would seem his health, and he may not be long for this world. Perhaps it would be a source of quiet gratification to him now in the evening of

his days were he to feel that the University for which he toiled so

uch appreciates his work. ie oa Yours faithfully,

President Falconer, University of Toronto, Toronto. :

CLARK ,MSPHERSON, CAMPBELL & JARVIS, Orrices: Gases abeness, a Yo me a ? THE KENT BUILDING “CLAPHER. TORONTO.” Doyee a bs Cy 156 YONGE ST. TELEPHONE Main 55/7. Joun Murray Ciark, K.C., Geo. C. CAMPBELL,

Freo C. Jarvis,

ULM HERSON, a wy | L wes eo ee re d aM eet ae

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t Apri ll Btees) OTe.

President R. A. Falconer, D.Litt., The University. Dear Mr. President,

At a Meeting of the Heads of the Science Depart- ments held this afternoon, it was unanimously decided to recommend to the Honorary Degrees Committee that Professor Andrew Cooper Lawson, Head of the Department of Mineralogy and Geology in the University of California, be given the honorary degree of Doctor of Science in this University at the coming Convocation.

Professor Lawson graduated in Arts in this Univer- sity in 1883, took the degree of Master of Arts in 1885, and the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Johns Hopkins Univer- sity in 1888. He has been Professor in the University of California since 1890. Before that, for several years, he was a member of the Geological Survey of Canada, and in that position he did work in Geology which mskes his name familiar to Geologists the world over.

I understand that Professor Lawson is the Dean of the Faculty of Seience in California.

I an,

Yours Sincerely,

RA Inara